Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Weird "/

Wednesday's are always a bit shit for me in the mornings since I have to get up at like 6:30am to go take the dog and make sure I'm ready for work on time. Usually the morning shift is really quiet in the Espresso Bar though, so it almost makes up for having to get up real early. But today was really weird because we were really busy from about 9:00am till I left "/
Wednesdays are Market days but that has never really made much of a difference when I'm in, so I don't know what was so special about today but it was the busiest morning shift I think I have ever done o.O

It's not so bad the morning shift though, cause then I have the afternoon and tomorrow off XD

I can't wait till tomorrow cause I get my sexy new glasses ;D
And then on Sunday I think I'm going to Hanley to find some carpet or a new kitchen or something with my parents so I think I'll nip into Superdrug and look for some more Sleek stuff while we're there :D

But right now I think I'mma go play Van Helsing and possibly come up with an FOTD for today or tomorrow (:

Bit short this but I just wanted to tell someone how weird this morning was for me XD


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