Thursday, 27 August 2009

Exam Results and an extra little note ;D

Exam results day :
Stressful for everyone but me?
It felt like it.

I haven't been nervous the whole summer and now that I actually know how I did, I think it all culminated in me crying when I got home from getting them >.<
If anyone's very interested I got..

French - A
German - A
English Literature - A
Chemistry - A
Food Tech - A
English Language - B
History - B
Science - B
Biology - B
Physics - B
Business Studies - B
Music - B
Maths - C

So yeah, I'm fair happy all in all.
I could have done a bit better I reckon but I did my best (:

Extra little note being that everyone should go and enter the lovely Leanne's giveaway!
The URL is ^THERE^ so go and eneter right nao!!


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