Sunday, 16 August 2009

To Sheffield!

So Meadowhall today was epic!

This is everything I got today, and a few things I got earlier this week (:

I was up at like 7:40 this morning so that I'd be ready to go out by 9:00, since it takes me ages to get ready. But like, at about quarter past eight I had to go out and get some milk because we had none for cereal >.<
So after that not much happened until we got to Meadowhall really XD I always love walking into Meadowhall, because whichever entrance you walk into it still makes me feel awesome, especially when I have a bunch of my own hard-earned money to spend there too :D

I always love the big statue thing of the men smelting and casting the metal so I took a picture of it for you =3

I think the first shop we went to was Build-A-Bear, I was gonna buy my bear(who is called Bellamy and currently dressed as a pirate) some new clothes (they had the cutest little Harry Potter outfit :3) but decided against it as there was other stuff I wanted more than that. But my brother and sister both got a new bear, my brother got a Snow Leopard which he called Snowy, and my sister got a Hippy bear thing that she called Acey. I thought it was quite cute XD

Then we went up a floor and I went into 'Accessorize' and bought some super cute Bunny ears because it was 70% off in a sale and I really wanted them XD I meant to go into Lush aswell but I didn't get chance to ): But there's one in Hanley so it doesn't bother me too much (: Then we went to the Oasis food court to grab a bite to eat and go to the loo and stuff XD Harry Ramsden's was the winner and I ended up paying cause my dad forgot to draw any money XD after that we wandered round 'The Lanes' for a bit, which is basically a bunch of cute little shops that aren't big brands or anything and you can find some bargains there! I always love wandering round them (: I went into this little shop called 'Xtras' first, and I meant to go there if I'm honest because I went on Meadowhall's website lastnight and saw it in the A-Z of shops.They had all these really nice perfumes and, again, they weren't big brand perfumes but they had reccomendations for which perfumes you might like if you liked a certain big brand one. For example, there was a perfume I ended up getting called 'Spirit Of Shadow' that is very similar to Ghost, and I love Ghost so that, for me, was a must have.

Then I wandered round a few more of those shops and found some awesome Final Fantasy figures in one, but they were quite pricey so I decided to give it a miss ): but then I found another one of the little shops I'd been looking for called 'Extravaganza' and I wanted to go there because it had lots of incense and my mum loves incense XD I managed to pick up an actual tunnel for my ear, so that I don't have to worry about it healing up when I'm at work, as I can't wear my stretcher while I'm at work, and I got it in 10mm rather than 8mm so I could stretch my ear another 2mm (:

I went to Game after that cuz I'd been wanting some new games for aaaaages and they do awesome deals on pre-owned games, I managed to get Eragon, Van Helsing, Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers and Malice all for a tenner! and since I go to Game a lot I thought I should get a Game reward card too XD

I always love finding bargains on games XD

So after Game I went to Superdrug and bought what is possibly my most exciting buy of the day, and at 4.87 I just couldn't pass it up! I got myself an awesome i-Divine Sleek Curious palette which I'm gonna try out tomorrow ;D It's made even more awesome because it's Limited edition too :D

In this picture is (L-R) my new Sleek Curious palette(top left), my 3 new Natural Collection eyeshadows, in Spring Green, Starlight/Midnight and Frost Shimmer/Aqua Shimmer that I got earlier this week along, on the right is an Asquith & Somerset Pink Rose set of Body Lotion, Body Wash and Hand & Nail cream I think. I didn't buy this but I was given it and thought I'd include it (: and then at the bottom is the new perfume I mentioned earlier 'Spirit of Shadow', and it smells gorgeous, if I do say so myself, and only cost me 2.99 :D I'm really excited about experimenting with the Sleek palette but it's too late now, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

So that's all for today but I'll update tomorrow with whatever I come up with for my experiment with the Sleek palette (:


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